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Gum Treatment In MVP Colony

Gum Treatment

Bleeding gums? This can be one of the first warning signs of you having gum disease. Not only teeth, but our gums also require care. If you notice blood while brushing your teeth, it’s a sign that your gum is not healthy. These bleeding gums gradually start hurting. Ignoring these might cause chronic gum problems. Visit us to know about your gum health and gum treatment in MVP colony, Vizag.

There are two stages of gum disease:

Gingivitis: It is the early stage of gum problems when the infection is acute or mild.

Periodontitis: It is the chronic stage of gum disease when the infection is spread to the base of the gum and also affects the surroundings.

What Are The Signs That Show Your Gum Is Not Healthy?

If you see the following signs, do not delay, visit us and get your gum treatment done:

  • Bleeding gums while brushing and eating.
  • Unbearable pain in the gum.
  • Swollen gum.
  • Bad breath even after thorough brushing and flossing.
  • If you notice your gums are shrinking and turning dark in colour.
  • Excessive pain while chewing your food.
  • If your mouth sores.

What Are The Causes Of Gum Bleeding Or Infection?

Several factors can cause our gums to bleed:

  • Hard bristled brush
  • Intense brushing
  • Bacterial infection
  • Poor eating habit
  • Poor oral hygiene
  • Misfitted dentures or retainers
  • Consuming a lot of sugary food
  • Hereditary

What Is The Procedure For Gum Treatment?

Gum treatment can be surgical or non-surgical depending upon the intensity and type of infection and problems. We do the following gum treatment in MVP colony, Vizag

Non-surgical treatment includes:

  • Dental cleaning
  • Root planning
  • Scaling

Surgical treatment includes:

  • Bone surgery
  • Bone grafting
  • Flap surgery

After proper diagnosis, our dentist will decide the best gum treatment plan for you.

Now no more suffering from gum disease. Cure it now with our gum treatment in MVP colony in Vizag and get a healthy and beautiful smile.

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