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Dental Crowns Bridges In MVP Colony Vizag

Dental Crowns Bridges

Is a cracked or broken tooth causing your mind to crack? Don’t Worry! We can repair the damage with our dental restorations; dental crowns and bridges in MVP colony, Vizag. These restorations can help to repair your smile with infected or missing teeth.

A dental crown can cover up a decayed tooth to protect it and a dental bridge can be attached to a crown to cover a gap left by a missing tooth.

What Are Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns are caps that are fixed on the top of a dental implant to replace a missing or damaged tooth. These act as natural teeth and perform all the functions of a tooth. A wide range of materials can be chosen while making a crown. A patient can opt for a metal crown, a tooth-coloured ceramic crown, or even a gold or silver crown.

When Is A Dental Crown Needed?

To give you a gorgeous smile, you’ll need a dental crown to cover a discoloured or misshaped tooth. It prevents decay, fractures, and cracks in weak teeth.

If you underwent a root canal treatment, it acts as additional support to safeguard your healed tooth. It aids in the treatment of cavities that are too large to be filled and used to keep the dental bridge in place.

What Are Dental Bridges?

As a crown is used for a missing tooth, a bridge can be used for a series of missing teeth. As the name suggests, the dental bridge is used to bridge the gap between the teeth caused by several missing teeth. It consists of two crowns fixed on either end of the teeth and a bridge of replacement teeth fixed on the gum where the teeth are missing.

Like crowns, bridges are also made up of similar materials. If a patient has healthy gum bone, he/she can choose bridges over partial dentures.

Visit our clinic to get all types of dental crowns and bridge treatment in MVP colony, Vizag.

When Is A Dental Bridge Needed?

Your teeth are interconnected. If a tooth is missing, adjacent teeth may erupt to fill the void. Your opposing jaw’s teeth might also migrate up or down toward the space. This may result in:

  • Bite issues
  • Having trouble chewing
  • The extra stress on your teeth and jaw causes pain.
  • Feeling self-conscious about your appearance or smile.

How Long Do Crowns And Bridges Last?

On average, a dental crown and bridge last for 10-15 years. It also depends on the material with which the crown or bridge is made and how you maintain oral hygiene. For a healthy mouth, basic oral hygiene should be maintained.

Now that you know how a dental crown and bridge works and are helpful for someone with missing, broken or damaged teeth, let’s not delay in getting your dental crown and bridge treatment in MVP colony in Vizag.

To know more about dental crowns and bridges in MVP colony, Vizag Call us today.

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