Smile Designing


Smile & shine dental is best smile design dental clinic in M.V.P.COLONY , VISAKHAPATNAM, INDIA. We have all advanced equipment’s for smile design , smile design soft ware’s  and also conducted many smile design courses which helps us to stand out as best dental clinic in Visakhapatnam.

What is a "smile design"?

A smile design is a dental procedure which artistically creates straighter, whiter and beautiful natural looking smiles that include creative, skillful improvement of your Smile. Smile design is safe procedure that can do wonders to fully restore your dental health and appearance of your existing teeth.

What is Digital Smile Designing (DSD)

DSD is a advanced dental technique which is used to design and modify the smile of patients digitally and help them to visualize it beforehand by creating and presenting a digital mockup of their new smile design before the treatment physically starts. It helps in visual communication and involvement of the patients in their own smile design process, thus ensuring predictable treatment outcome and increasing case acceptance. With DSD you can design better smiles, treatment plan more effectively as a team, create perceived value and increase case acceptance, perform better treatments in a more efficient way.

Customizing a Smile Design Plan – treatment procedure

The timeline is planned so as to minimize the number of appointments and to make sure your smile is completed in time for your special social function (wedding, engagement, wedding anniversary, graduation, etc.).

Patients are encouraged to bring with them photos of when they were younger or photos of their favorite smile from actors and actresses.

The LVI smile catalogue is used to discuss with the patient the arrangement of teeth, their choices in tooth position and what effect this has on their overall appearance.

A plan is in place before any teeth are prepared.

Some smile designs only require Porcelain Veneers

Other smile designs will require a combination of Porcelain Veneers and Porcelain Crowns. Porcelain crowns are chosen when teeth are weak such as endodontically treated teeth or teeth will large old restorations (like large old crowns).

Sometimes teeth are missing in the smile zone. This then required either a porcelain bridge with an ovate pontic or an implant with a Porcelain crown.

Multiple missing anterior teeth may require multiple implants or an implant supported denture to make the completed smile designs.

If too much gum tissue is showing or the gums are uneven when the individual smiles, then a “gum lift” is done with lasers to reduce the amount of gum showing.

If only a few teeth are veneered, then the other teeth are whitened before the smile design is completed. This makes sure that the smile is enhanced and brightened.

Digital Smile Design treatment procedure

  • The use of photographs and radiographs help to correct your smile on the computer screen (digital smile design)
  • This aids in any changes or appreciation you may have before undergoing the real smile design treatment
  • As a patient, you have the authority of molding your smile design the way you wish your smile should be. You are in complete control of digital smile design treatment.
  • Smile & shine dental is best smile design dental clinic in M.V.P.COLONY, VISAKHAPATNAM, INDIA. We have all advanced equipment’s  for smile design , smile design soft wares  and also conducted many smile design courses which helps us to stand out as best dental clinic in Visakhapatnam.

How long it takes for Smile Designing Treatment?

  • It depends on the severity of smile designing but it gets done in about 1 to 2 weeks
  • In case, if there are any teeth-straightening treatment involved then it may take 10-15 months for the final outcome

Benefits of Digital Smile Design

  • High satisfaction with their new smile.
  • Truly customized results – no two smile designs are exactly alike.
  • A natural look that complements overall appearance.
  • Increased confidence throughout the treatment process
  • Smile Designing is the usage of digital techniques to restore your smile. Usually, as age progresses your facial contours change. Your teeth health condition changes. Hence it becomes imperative to Smile Design treatment to look radiant and kicking in life.
  • Smile Design treatment has far more benefits in the longer run. This treatment will correct all your teeth alignment issues. This is far more effective than even Botox treatment. Also, there is no pain to be encountered oral anesthesia will be administered in the first place.
  • Now with the advent of modern dental techniques and the influx of technology to aid the same, the Digital Smile Design is far more effective. It can rectify several dental taboos and myths. People can look glowing with age. This treatment is useful for adults and elders.

How much does Smile Designing cost in India?

  • As per the latest update,  Smile design cost in India can be figured between Rs. 35,000/-  to   Rs. 1,50,000/-. But smile design cost in India also depends on the severity of the conditions involved and the number of sessions needed for the completion of smile design.

    In Western countries like the USA, UK, and others, smile design costs a lot but not in India. While smile design cost in India is not low but also not high compared to other western countries.

Who is a candidate for a Smile Design?

  • An individual that wants to look younger. A smile design can take years off of your appearance.
    • An individual that wants to have more confidence when they smile.
    • An individual that cares how they look and wants to make an investment into their dental health
    • An individual that wants to improve their chances for career advancement or success.
    • An individual that wants to be noticed and appear healthier.
    • An individual that takes care of their teeth with regular dental checkups and good dental hygiene.
    • Anyone that wants to invest in their dental health and in their overall future.