Dental Tourism

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Dental Tourism at Smile & Shine Dental basically enables international patients to save on dental treatments while exploring India. Dental tourism in India is gaining pace and becoming a popular option for tourists across the globe due to the following: Low cost or affordable dental treatment in India Affordable international airfare and favourable exchange rates Quality dental care in accordance with international standards in India Highly qualified doctors with enormous experience in dental treatment Rigorous infection control systems which are at par with the western standards No waiting list for patients, if planned properly in advance in comparison to a developed country The Indian government has expanded its e-tourism VISA regime to include medical visa India offers the most advanced and developed technology for dental treatments, that deals explicitly with complex procedures of dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, and dentures at affordable and reasonable prices compared to other countries. At Smile and Shine your entire treatment is digital from start to end. Our hi-tech clinics are equipped with the most advanced dental technology.
Dental Implants at Smile and Shine
Dental Implant Treatments or fixed denture treatments at Smile and Shine are performed by highly skilled and experienced Implantologists who have been in practice for 10+ years. They are internationally trained to perform complicated surgeries and have a high success rate. We use dental implant systems like Nobel BioCare from Switzerland. We are equipped to do all sorts of implants like immediate implants, all on four implants, etc. As per the requirement of the patient, we do either single phase or 2 phase implants. The time frame required for the procedure ranges between 1- 3 weeks.
Smile Makeover with Porcelain Veneers
We have corrected thousands of dental imperfections to deliver dazzling smiles. The size, shape, and shade of the Porcelain Veneers are made taking into consideration your facial characteristics. We can achieve high precision restorations. The time frame required to get a smile makeover is about 3-7 days only.


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We are a renowned and trusted dental care in Visakhapatnam catering to a number of local and international patients on daily basis. Simple steps to get started

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You can start by applying for a tourist visa and flight booking. We can assist you with hotel booking and complimentary airport transfers. We can also help you in planning city tours and weekend getaways

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