About Us


Smile & Shine is a modern, advanced, and Super Specialty dental clinic in Visakhapatnam, India. Our Hospital Having Expertised Dentists Dr. Mohan,Dr. Gowthami, Dr. Manasa, Dr. V V R Murthy, Dr. Luke John, Dr. Uday Kiran Tej, Dr. K Madhukar, Dr. K Jai Kiran, Dr. Parameshwar, Dr. Lalitha Srivalli… a team of super specialists those are dedicated to delivering all dental treatments under one roof.

What we stand for


We strive to provide high-quality, personalized dental care in a relaxing, comfortable, and safe environment. Lifelong relationships are created with our patients based on trust and honesty. Our experienced dentists are trained to handle all dental treatments, from simple dental fillings to complex dental procedures.

All through your time with Smile & Shine, our caring and dedicated team of dentists and staff will provide you with the best service in a warm and relaxing ambiance. You will benefit from the latest state-of-the-art innovations in dentistry like Digital Smile Design and Facial Aesthetic Software, Digital impressions, and much more.We take time to genuinely understand our patient’s needs and perspectives and then provide customized solutions to transform their dental health. Visit Smile & Shine to experience life-changing dentistry at affordable costs!


Dr. Mohan  completed BDS from St. Joseph Dental college  in 2008 and he completed MDS in endodontics from NTR University of health sciences. . He is MANAGING PARTNER of smile & shine dental. Dr.Mohan is Best root canal specialist and smile design expert in Visakhapatnam with exemplary hand skills. He also has attended various cosmetic dentistry training courses including Nemotec & Digital Smile Designing’s etc in various parts of the country . His vast experience in the field of cosmetic dentistry has changed thousands of people’s smiles and lifestyles.


Dr.Gowthami Best cosmetic dentist in vizag, has completed BDS from Vishnu dental college in 2013. She completed MBA (Hospital management) from Andhra University. She has an experience of 9 years and did fellowship Rotary endodontics, implants, cosmetic surgery, gum surgery and many more. She is certified in hair transplantation surgeries and clear aligners.


Dr. Uday Kiran Tej

Dr Uday Kiran Tej


Prosthodontist & Implantologist

Dr. Parameshwar P

Dr Parameshwar P


Oral Pathologist

Dr. Lakshmi Manasa@

Dr Lakshmi Manasa


Cosmetic Dental Surgeon

Dr. Dhanusha@

Dr Dhanusha


Cosmetic Dental Surgeon

Dr. Luke John

Dr Luke John


Orthodontist & Aligners Specialist

Dr. V V R Murthy

Dr V V R Murthy


Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon

Dr. Madhukar K

Dr Madhukar K


Periodontist & Laser Specialist

Covid-19 Care

At Smile and Shine, the safety of our patients, dentists, staff, and the community has always been our top-most priority.

During this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, we would like to assure you that we are following all the necessary precautions and adhering to the highest infection control guidelines which are at par with international standards. As responsible dental care providers, we continue to care for our patients while maintaining strict COVID-19 screening and sterilization protocols.

Along with the best clinical practices, additional state-of-the-art technology and medical-grade equipment is being used to safeguard your health. Our measures include:

  • Doctors and assistants are required to wear proper personal protective equipment (PPE) at all times.
  • All doctors and staff members are screened and their temperatures are recorded at the beginning of the workday. The temperature of every patient is taken at the time of entry.
  • Strict sterilization of all instruments and disinfection of the dental operatory is done after each patient visit.
  • UVC (Ultraviolet-C) light is used to effectively sanitize the air, surfaces, and equipment in-between patient visits. The UV light is effective against a wide range of bacteria and viruses.
  • The SciTech Air Ionizer purifies the air and disinfects the operatory and clinic space. It produces negatively charged ions that help to eliminate airborne volatile compounds and particles including germs, viruses, and mold.
  • Defoggers are in place that disinfects rooms between two patient visits.
  • Pulse Oximeter is used to measure the blood oxygen saturation of team members and patients